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Nutrition Counseling

How Does It Work?

First Consultation

I will help you explore your relationship with food, unique needs and symptoms, daily routine and social environment in order to develop a personalized plan allowing you to make enjoyable and sustainable changes. The first appointment is 75 minutes. During this first conversation, be prepared to discuss the following in detail:

  • Health background
  • Your relationship with food, exercise and your body
  • Foods you like and dislike
  • Your current dietary patterns
  • Any dietary restrictions
  • Weight history
  • Any other information about your lifestyle and regular habits
  • Your goals and aspirations – what does your best life look like to you?

This information serves as the base for your plan and goals moving forward.


Follow Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions will be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs and your lifestyle. These serve as accountability meetings where we:

  •  Discuss and monitor your progress
  • Utilize accountability to reach your goals
  • Identify where you’re struggling or what isn’t working
  • Discuss questions you may have along the way
  • Modify and create new goals along the way if needed

sign up for a 15 minute discovery call to decide whether working with me would be a good fit for you

Nutrition Coaching is helpful for anyone who…


Is sick of dieting and wants an wants to find the balance that works best for them utilizing an individualized and sustainable approach.


Would simply like feel better about their body and self-image.


Requires Medical Nutrition Therapy in order to change their dietary habits to manage diabetes, heart health, gastrointestinal health, digestive disorders.


Is suffering from an autoimmune disease or chronic pain (I specialize in fibromyalgia and digestive disorders) and would like to improve their quality of life.


Needs help managing pre and postnatal nutrition.


Wants to change their eating habits to improve their mental and emotional state.


Needs someone in their corner to provide inspiration, accountability, and information.

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