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specializing in a non-diet approach, intuitive eating, digestive health & chronic illness

Rebecca Ditkoff, MPH RD CDN




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For Individuals

Need help making peace with food and your body?

Personalized sessions will help you listen, learn and trust your body’s internal cues and become the expert of your own body in order to discover a way of eating that both satisfies and supports your health goals without relying on rigid diet rules.  

For Brands

Need help with your food and wellness brand?

I am passionate about providing nutrition consulting services not only to individuals, but to like-minded food and wellness brands as well. Nutrition Consulting focuses on recipe development, nutrient analysis, content creation and more.

Rebecca Ditkoff, MPH RD CDN

Hi! I’m Rebecca, a Registered Dietitian based in NYC

What would life be like if you could feel at peace with your decisions about food?

Imagine if food made you feel strong & healthy rather than frustrated & defeated.

What if you didn’t have to keep worrying about eating and you could actually spend your time & energy living a life you love?!

My mission is to empower you to take charge of your health and discover food freedom because YOU DESERVE IT. Nutrition Therapy is an anti-diet approach rooted in self-care, body trust, and prioritizing the things that make you feel good.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to stop choosing between being healthy and doing the things you love, but instead, you had the ability to do both?!

Together, we’ll:

  • Improve your relationship with food and help you find the balance you know you need
  • Increase your energy by helping you find foods that fuel your body the right way
  • Enhance your overall health by focusing on food, movement, rest, and finding the joy in it all.
  • Improve your body image by rediscovering the gift your body is!
  • Develop the confidence you need to find food freedom!

I can’t wait to join you on your journey to a truly happy and truly healthy you.  Let’s discover your food freedom!

xo, Rebecca

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What should I expect?

Hear what others have to say

Rebecca’s inherently kind and non-judgmental nature provided a safe space allowing me to open up about my struggles with food and body image. She listened, validated my experiences, met me where I was at, and gently guided me towards a path of food freedom and body acceptance.  I’m immensely grateful for my time with Rebecca and the tools she has equipped me with that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

-Karla, Westchester County, New York

Rebecca was so warm, welcoming, and professional that I quickly got out of my own head and realized she could help me make some serious changes to my everyday life. Of course, I had a million questions at first, but Becca never made me feel silly or embarrassed. Instead, I felt supported. Through my sessions and learned to become a much more mindful eater and how to incorporate more veggies into all my meals (not just at dinner).

– Rachael, New York City

Rebecca is not only extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, she is also patient, understanding and non-judgmental. I loved that she spent the extra time learning about me and understanding my current habits before jumping in and giving any suggestions. All of her recommendations were personalized, doable and even made food more enjoyable. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and accountability along the way were a key part of my success to feeling happier and more confident in my abilities to listen to my body make food choices.

– Stephanie, New York City