Nutrition Consulting

I am passionate about providing nutrition services not only to individuals, but to like-minded food and wellness brands as well. Nutrition Consulting focuses on recipe development, nutrient analysis, content creation and more.

Recipe Development

Coming up with recipes people will love is one of my favorite things and I’d love to help you learn how to do it, too!

Nutrient Analysis

Highlight the healthy aspects of your recipes with accurate nutrition information.

Content Creation

I love to help brands create beautiful content that is fun, shareable, branded, and targeted.

Freelance Writing / Blog Posts

Just writing and publishing content doesn’t always work. Blog posts should be optimized, targeted, and irresistibly shareable.

Brand Ambassador / Spokesperson

I’ll work with you to develop content for your marketing materials or website and can provide you with professional representation at media events, trade shows, meetings or store promotions.

Need Nutrition Consulting? Let’s discuss potential partnerships!

Please note!

Disclosure: Any partnership in which I receive a monetary or product incentive will be indicated. While I do accept sponsored posts from like-minded brands, all of the reviews I share are based on my own opinion.

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International No Diet Day

May 6 is International No Diet Day. It was started by British feminist Mary Evans Young who battled body image issues for years. In 1992, after seeing other women experience similar struggles to her, she took action to create a day dedicated to promoting a healthy...

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What is a FODMAP?

The term FODMAP is an acronym used to describe a group of rapidly fermentable and osmotically active short-chain carbohydrates. What does FODMAP stand for? F-ermentable (meaning they are quickly broken down (i.e fermented) by bacteria in the large...

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Managing IBS Symptoms with Diet & Lifestyle Changes

As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog series, the cause of IBS is not fully understood. Additionally, symptoms often vary from person to person. Therefore, managing IBS symptoms is often a challenge for both the individual and the physician treating them. Thankfully,...

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