Nutrition Coaching

 Evidence-based nutrition, intuitive eating and nourishing recipes to help You eat better & feel your best

with Rebecca Ditkoff, MPH RD CDN

Nutrition Coaching

 Evidence-based nutrition, intuitive eating and nourishing recipes to help you eat better & feel your best

with Rebecca Ditkoff, MPH RD CDN

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Nutrition Coaching

Frustrated by the confusion of nutrition advice?

Personalized sessions will help you listen, learn and trust your body’s internal cues and become the expert of your own body in order to discover a way of eating that both satisfies and supports your health goals without relying on rigid diet rules.  

Nutrition Consulting

Need help with your food and wellness brand?

I am passionate about providing nutrition consulting services not only to individuals, but to like-minded food and wellness brands as well. Nutrition Consulting focuses on recipe development, nutrient analysis, content creation and more.

Hi! I’m Rebecca, a virtual

Registered Dietitian & Health Coach

My mission is to empower you to take charge of your health utilizing an anti-diet approach rooted in self-care, curiosity and behavior change. Working with me is not about restriction – it’s about learning how to balance your favorite foods with those that will nourish your body and help you feel your best.

Let me help you increase your energy, enhance your health, improve your relationship with food, and learn how to incorporate nourishing and satisfying meals in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. I cant wait to join you on your journey to your happiest and healthiest self!

xo, Rebecca

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Simple Overnight Oats 1/2 or 1 whole each Banana (overripe, mashed with a fork)1/2 cup Oats (Rolled)1/2 cup Yogurt (Use plain greek or icelandic for extra protein (such as Fage, Siggis or Chobani) or dairy-free yogurt (such as Sodelicious if sensitive to dairy))1/2...

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Hear what others have to say

Rebecca was so warm, welcoming, and professional that I quickly got out of my own head and realized she could help me make some serious changes to my everyday life. She provided me with some helpful tips and some easy watch outs right out of the gate, and followed up with my requested meal plan. Of course, I had a million questions at first, but Becca never made me feel silly or embarrassed. Instead, I felt supported. Through my sessions and learned to become a much more mindful eater and how to incorporate more veggies into all my meals (not just at dinner).

– Rachael, New York City

Rebecca is not only extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, she is also patient, understanding and non-judgmental. I loved that she spent the extra time learning about me and understanding my current habits before jumping in and giving any suggestions. All of her recommendations were personalized, doable and even made food more enjoyable. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and accountability along the way were a key part of my success that not only led me to achieving a healthier weight, but to feeling happier and more confident in my own skin. I can’t recommend her enough!

– Stephanie, New York City

Funnily enough, meeting with Rebecca has helped me shift the focus away from weight-loss but to over-all health and happiness. Yes, spoiler alert; weight loss still happens but it happens in this magical anti-shame environment which she so carefully crafts. Not only am I losing weight but I am enjoying and appreciating food and exercise in a way I never have before. I mean is she a witch? (A good witch of course.)

– Lauren, New York City